Contramaestre participated in the Second National Conference of the Public Health Union

Contramaestre participated in the Second National Conference of the Public Health Union

Yinelis Pitterson Dalis was the delegate from the Santiago municipality of Contramaestre who represented the workers of the Public Health sector at the Second National Conference of the Union. The event was held in the capital of the country in the first days of February.

In this respect, Pitterson Dalis valued the meeting as profitable because the topics that today concern the unionists belonging to the army of white coats were discussed.

Among the topics discussed, according to the participant, were the elements and achievements that have an impact on the reduction of the infant mortality rate. The Decree Law number 87, as well as other measures related to the strengthening of the socialist state enterprise together with the OSDE of BIOCUBAFARMA.

Also the behavior of the duties and rights of workers affiliated to the sector and training. The participation and quality of union assets were other issues that focused the agenda of the event. Yinelis Pitterson Dalis, who is the general secretary of the public health union in this eastern territory, argued that among the issues most reiterated by the delegates were the dissatisfaction with the salary, the deficit of medical history modeling, the granting of housing to international collaborators to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the lack of means of protection, the need to grant child care centers to working mothers, among other elements.

The Contramaestrian delegate and union representative also said that one of the most important moments of the conference was the intervention of the Minister of Public Health, José Ángel Portal Miranda, head of the sector, who gave an account of the financial management and the deficiencies affecting the public health system, both in the business and budgetary aspects.

Among the work projections, said the delegate, was to achieve a union with new working methods and styles. Procedures that will have an impact on the quality of services and attention to workers.

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