Naranjo en Flor, an enduring magic

Naranjo en Flor, an enduring magic

Joy is an accomplice at the “Naranjo en Flor”, in the town of Maffo, where education and love combine to make the birthday a day of poetry, stories and songs.

Without much mastery, but with the grace and charm that only children know, able to bring tears, the children’s flock sheltered in the institution, makes the special gift to parents and educators.

Because today, April 10, is the 63rd anniversary of the creation of the children’s circles in Cuba, a project born of Fidel’s ingenuity and made possible by the drive of the heroine Vilma Espín.

The date, summons the collective gratitude of infants who learn to say their first words, the first vowels, the first numbers; the gratitude for learning to socialize, to respect each other, to practice exercises, to be independent.

The face of tenderness transcends in the state facility, where teachers and paramedical and service personnel end up being like a second family that radiates light and hope for the present and the future.

The world of fantasy, games and riddles, awakens reality in reverence to inspiration and wisdom, to provide a universe of values from an early age.

This April 10, the heart beats in children of the “Naranjo en flor” of Maffo, where the sun shines for the joy of all, awakening smiles and emotions in those sincere friends, who at the distance of more than half a century are grateful for the magic that lasts.

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