Mexicans demand that US government end the infamous blockade of Cuba

Mexicans demand that US government end the infamous blockade of Cuba

Mexico City, Mar 18 (Prensa Latina) The 28th National Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba was in session for two days in Acapulco, demanding that the United States government put an end to the infamous blockade against Cuba.

This was the main demand that nearly 300 delegates from 16 federal states and the Mexican capital raised in the Acapulco Declaration.

The participants expressed that the gathering was held at a time when the economic war is being intensified with the purpose of defeating the Cuban Revolution through the suffering of the people.

The delegates emphasized international solidarity with Cuba and demanded that President Joe Biden return the territory illegally occupied by the Naval Base in Guantánamo, which in recent years has been used as a detention center to torture prisoners.

They also demanded that the US government stop considering Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, and pointed out that the state committees are committed to contributing to the organization and coordination of the 8th Continental Solidarity Meeting and the first in-person meeting of the Continental Solidarity Network with Cuba and Just Causes, which will be celebrated in Mexico City in October 2025.

“We will continue to strengthen the communication work and social networks of the State Committees, and we will support the campaigns developed by the Movement and the Continental Network,” adds the statement, which lists the tasks shared with the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the People (ICAP), among which are managing financing for local development collaboration projects in Cuba; continuing to support the common project of the Continental Network with the Diez de Octubre Teaching Clinical Surgical Hospital; and managing donations together with the Mexican Solidarity Movement, the Association of Cuban Residents and Graduates, taking into account Cuba’s priorities.

“The absurd and criminal Yankee blockade against [Cuba] has not achieved its infamous objectives for more than six decades, and the world condemns it through the UN General Assembly every year, because the economic, commercial and financial blockade is the main obstacle to the development of Cuba,” the declaration states.

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