Day-care centers in Contramaestre with better perspectives

Day care centers in Contramaestre in better conditions for the coming stage

The integral health care of the infants who receive education in the day care centers in Contramaestre municipality in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba is a priority for the education sector which, overcoming the economic obstacles imposed by the imperialist blockade, guarantees the minimum conditions necessary for this process to develop with quality, the words of Yamilé Álvarez Hechavarría are proof of this effort.

Yamilé: that in our educational levels we put into practice all the hygienic and sanitary requirements that all the centers must have to avoid different diseases, as well as food safety to avoid different foodborne diseases, this is an issue that I think is very important because through food various diseases can occur such as transmission and contamination from one food to another, a cross contamination that we must know that processed foods should not be put with raw or semi-raw foods, that all work areas must be respected, that there are different work areas such as the cooking area, the processing area, the scrubbing area, the pre-processing area, in other words, all these areas must be respected to avoid different diseases from one food to another,

In our educational institutions we collect a control sample that lasts for 48 hours with a small label that must contain everything that is established according to the different manuals that we have because we all know that the manuals must be respected and that everything that is put there in the manual must be complied with, everything that is in practice and must be complied with.

In our educational sector we also have alternatives to strengthen the food that we have different plots to plant, when we do not have enough space we take alternatives, we look for rubber, disposable knobs, cans and we create the conditions to strengthen what is the school garden, we have planted to give a better quality food for our children and also for our workers.

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