Indian organization highlights Cuba’s resistance to U.S. aggression

Solidarity from India with Cuba in its fight against the US blockade and sanctions.

New Delhi, May 27 (Prensa Latina) The All India Peace and Solidarity Organization (Aipso) today reiterated its solidarity with Cuba in its resistance to US attempts to subjugate it and demanded its immediate removal from the unjust list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

In a statement, Aipso pointed out that Washington’s designation of Cuba as a country sponsoring terrorism is nothing more than a scandalous misrepresentation of socialist Cuba and its long struggle against this scourge.

The real reason for the U.S. classification is to use this as an excuse to further tighten the unfair economic blockade it imposes on Cuba, the solidarity organization stressed.

Aipso detailed that it is also part of the continuous efforts of the United States to implement its Monroe Doctrine which considers the whole Latin American region as its backyard and thus keeps all those countries under its control.

He also stressed that the White House cannot tolerate the simple fact that Cuba, a small island country with a big heart, shows great resistance to these attacks and keeps its head held high in defense of its sovereign and socialist system.

Therefore, the friendship organization reiterated its solidarity with Cuba on behalf of the Indian people and ratified its joining the international movement to demand the immediate exclusion of Cuba from the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism.

(Taken from PL)

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