The Contramaestre public health is facing challenges in anticipation of July 26th

The Contramaestre public health sector is facing challenges in anticipation of July 26th.

Being close to the people is an unavoidable commitment for the Contramaestre Public Health sector, a maxim that will be present during these days in each institution of the three health areas to greet the coming July 26 with results.

The guild in this eastern Cuban territory is betting, in honor of the National Rebellion Day, to consolidate what has been achieved in the different programs at the primary and secondary care levels and to conquer higher steps, mainly in relation to the Maternal and Child Care Program on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the Attack on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Barracks.

Contramaestre’s Public Health sector, besides focusing its efforts on improving the quality of its services, is also engaged in facing epidemiological events and reducing the effects and vulnerabilities associated with natural phenomena, plans that were reviewed these days during the celebration of the Disaster Risk Reduction Week.

Likewise, among the challenges faced by the sector in the celebration of the 26th of July are the fulfillment of the union tasks and the measures to save resources, supplies, energy carriers and others, putting to the test the capacity and integrity of its medical and paramedical technical force.

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