Librarians: Guardians of Culture

Librarians' Day

June 7 is not enough as a tribute to those guardians of culture that are identified in the temples of knowledge, of those men and women who with daily effort and in anonymous consecration highlight the vocation of being librarians.

As custodians of culture to quench the thirst for knowledge stand the librarians, professionals who speak the same language of books, magazines, collections, brochures, pamphlets, digitized texts, to make a faithful reference of knowledge and kill ignorance.

In their hands the keys of wisdom are placed to widen the knowledge of students, professionals, intellectuals or simply readers who seek in the pages specialized instruction or healthy entertainment that fascinates the imagination, the marvelous real.

The librarian is undoubtedly the lending friend who recommends the books sought in shelves full of bibliographies, adding knowledge and insights that open doors to the future in the learning of his fellows.

With a unique magic that edifies the mind and soul, librarians who seek the universal education of man are distinguished and always cultivate and shine with satisfaction and eternal gratitude.

To look at the world from eyes that read, from scenarios of substantive importance for the development of society, is the challenge of Cuban librarians who look in the same direction with love and simplicity, working the present, adapting to the future and without forgetting the past.

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