US blockade, a leading obstacle to Cuba’s development (+Photos)

US blockade, a leading obstacle to Cuba’s development

The United States blockade is the leading obstacle to Cuba’s development and a systematic violation of the human rights of its people, Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero stated on Monday.

Speaking at the World Governments Summit in Dubai, Marrero noted that despite the challenges posed by the economic, commercial, and financial siege, Cuba will continue to make the necessary economic and social changes.

He expressed Cuba’s gratitude for the solidarity from the peoples and governments of the world in the struggle against the blockade that Washington has imposed on his country for more than 60 years.

Manuel Marrero Cumbre

The head of Government explained that Cuba is working to strengthen the public economic system, increase agricultural production, and diversify economic actors with more than 10,000 micro, small, and mid-term private enterprises.

Marrero added that as part of the Government’s projections, a comprehensive legislative update will be conducted to correct distortions and revive the economy, and “in this way, we will get out of the complex situation his country is going through.”

Marrero y Ministro Industrias EAU

He added that social innovation policies linked to an increase in the people’s participation in the management of public affairs are being developed to fight inequalities and promote greater social justice.

Marrero pointed out that Cuba is firmly convinced that moving towards a sustainable model in harmony with nature without promoting international solidarity as a human right will not be possible.

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