José Martí: great in life and death

José Martí: great in life and death

How much greatness there is in this man who has surpassed the frontiers of his time to reach ours more and more vital and necessary, because the most powerful soul of his race preserves an astonishing actuality.

And the fact is that José Martí, a Cuban who barely surpassed 42 years of age, most of them living far from his homeland, was great in life and death and sacrificed everything for an ideal: the redemption of a people.

Dos Rios still suffers the loss of the distinguished figure of the Revolution of 1895, of the teacher who taught doctrines of freedom, lessons of harmony, examples of moral dignity.

With the fall in combat of the Apostle of the independence of Cuba, his ideas remain in full force, penetrating deep in every Cuban heart, losing with his death a genius of politics, literature and Latin American and universal thought.

Nothing was above the enslaved homeland: neither family, nor work, nor literary talent. His obsession was Cuba and its freedom, whose sacred name was engraved on the iron ring made with the shackles he wore in the quarries of San Lazaro, during his political imprisonment.

Martí always had a vocation for sacrifice, together with an extraordinary intelligence, superior talent and vast culture. The Master has not died because he is still alive and well, and there will be no transcendent event of the Homeland in which his ideas and examples of revolutionary etiquette are not present and serve as inspiration to move forward.

One hundred and twenty-nine years after his fall in combat in Dos Rios, in a glorious way, the great height of José Martí rises never to descend, because his memory is sanctified by history and by the love, not only of the children of the Homeland, but of all America.

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