School bullying: a scourge that must end for good

School bullying: a scourge that must end for good

The story of Frank Alejandro is moving. During the current school year, this 13-year-old adolescent has been a victim of violence in his school, becoming a stereotype that suffers unfortunate consequences, marking his personal, student and family life.

At the educational institution where he is taught, Frank Alejandro has been repeatedly harassed by a group of classmates, suffering threats, intimidation, manipulation and even physical aggression.

The harm to the victim, known as bullying, is an evil of today’s society that evidences a serious and worrisome problem worldwide, with unfortunate consequences.

Characteristic behaviors of this evil that does have its cure, such as poor school performance, symptoms of depression, and low self-esteem, is seen as juvenile stuff, however, the complication goes beyond that and requires greater commitment and participation of all entities involved.

And we coined the word collective responsibility, because it is erroneously believed that when an adolescent is a victim of abuse, this will make him stronger, being able to face more difficult circumstances in his adult life and nothing could be further from the truth.

Hence, when they grow up, they are insecure people who will find it difficult to have a healthy life and relate to others, because for them violence is a natural part of their behavior and they attract abusive people into their lives, which keeps them in a vicious circle.

The example of Frank Alejandro, a teenager from the town of Maffo, serves as a warning to parents of children, victims of bullying, because stories like these are increasing every day, leaving in their wake destroyed families and a fragmented society with its hands tied in the face of this harsh reality.

Therefore, we cannot be indifferent to a problem that affects children and adolescents all over the planet. We need to raise awareness at home and in schools to put an end to this scourge once and for all.

By making a difference, teenagers like Frank Alejandro and many more, can save themselves from a terrible danger that threatens the child and youth population today.

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