University Entrance Examinations begin in Contramaestre

University entrance exams in Contramaestre

This May 7, the bell rang with a different meaning at the pre university institute Antonio Santiago García in the municipality of Contramaestre.

A total of 121 students from the five pre-university schools of the territory arrived at this educational center to take the university entrance exams which began with Mathematics.

For five hours the applicants to more than 900 courses on offer had to comply with the regulations that allow the process to be carried out in the most organized and transparent way possible.

Admission tests are scheduled for May 10 and 13 for Spanish and History, respectively, with the supervision of professors from the Humanities Faculty of the Universidad de Oriente.

After 3 years of preparation and intentional training in the last stage prior to the entrance exams, the students take the first steps in the path to building a future as professionals in health, sports, technological sciences, foreign languages, among others.

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