Development of the science activity in Contramaestre is highlighted

Development of the science activity in Contramaestre is highlighted.

The development of a Diploma in Public and Business Administration in which cadres were prepared to assume leadership in key sectors of society and the economy, as well as the founding of more than four projects for the government that contribute to local development, are just two of the actions that the Municipal University Center of Contramaestre has promoted in the field of science.

This was recalled in an activity in which the quality of the past Cuban Science Day was also highlighted. This was made known by the Master of Science and director of the entity, Bárbara Donet Olivera.

At the end of January, doctors Luis Enrique Jerez, Alexander Gorina Sánchez, Dámaris Sarmiento Duani and María Eulalia Martínez Rivero were recognized with the Science and Conscience medal, personalities who with their knowledge contribute decisively to the research processes in the territory.

It appears that 2024 will be a period in which the University Center will have to focus on doctoral training, the development of projects and the concretion of results in practice, in a way of accompanying the local development strategy promoted by the government of Contramaestre.

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