Construction MSMEs receive control and assistance visit in Contramaestre

Construction MSMEs receive control and assistance visit in Contramaestre

A supervision and support visit to economic actors of the construction sector was recently carried out in the eastern municipality of Contramaestre. Iván Herrada Pérez and Elianne Ramayo Osorio, members of the National Council of the Construction Union, visited three of the five MSMEs in the municipality of Santiago de Cuba.

The exchange assessed the productive linkage with the state sector, union strengthening, attention to workers, health and safety of employees, working conditions, link with the communities where they are located, the characteristics of the workforce in each of them. In this sense, the visitors were concerned about the care for her, and how the holders of this form of management address issues such as the provision of child care centers for workers who request this benefit.

This visit is part of the fulfillment of the agreements reached at the Second National Conference of the industry regarding the follow-up, attention and control of this economic sector.

MSMES facing difficulties

For their part, the representatives of small and medium-sized construction companies from Contramaestre argued about the difficulties that today affect the production of materials, among which the fuel limitations due to the economic situation of the Island stand out.

During the tour, the members of the National Council of the Construction Union congratulated the owners of the businesses for the operation of the same in spite of the difficulties. They also highlighted the work of the union movement, party and government of the municipality of Contramaestre regarding the organization, operation and interrelation of the MSMEs according to the management and needs of the territory as well as with other localities of the province and country.

The visitors recognized initiatives such as the one found in the MSME Guillol located in the demarcation of América, which has a self-consumption area whose productions are destined to the workers’ own canteen and to other orders of the territory.

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