Quixotes of light delivering art

Art teachers in Contramaestre at Radio Grito de Baire celebrating its 34th anniversary

Their art brights everywhere, their fragrance shines in fields, mountains and plains where their presence cultivates the light, the love that is born in the silences of the soul and becomes life in every gesture, in every word, in every line, in every movement.

To carry the socialist truth under the mantle of a doctrine of peace, defending culture with faith and courage, is the greatest wealth that happy children in schools, free peasants in the field and workers forged by sweat are grateful for.

But gratitude is more immense in children’s hospital wards, where smiles, applause and songs are awakened to heal the soul, to spread a world of colors in pediatric oncology patients in need of humanistic therapy.

With innovative artistic projects, art is expanded and consolidated in every corner of the island to make creation last and sparkle in the minds and hearts.

As an army of brave men under the teachings of José Martí and fruits of the Revolution, the instruction of music, poetry, dance, plastic arts, theater, is spread as fertile seed to make virtue the best harvest, to preserve the general culture, traditions and aesthetic values in all audiences.

Like true Quixotes under the light of art, this force from inland walks to form hundreds, thousands of poets, dancers, musicians, actors, sculptors or painters, they walk through plains and mountains removing the dust of the routines of our souls so that others see the sun shine in defense of the culture of a country.

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