Economists in Contramaestre show progress in scientific results

economists contramaestre

Contramaestre closes 2023 exhibiting positive results in the field of scientific-professional activity undertaken by the membership of the Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba, ANEC, with the promotion of several events that were added to its social projection in order to contribute answers to the bank of problems of the territory.

In this sense, the following events stand out: the Economist Woman event, the Student of Economic Sciences, Accounting and Applied Studies, and the Local Development event, all in compliance with a broad alliance with the Municipal University Center and the participation of seasoned professionals in economic issues.

The research carried out by ANEC of Contramaestre during the past year was based on lines of work aimed at improving the training and management processes integrated to local development, with a total of 13 events carried out and with a wide participation of its membership.

Economists in Contramaestre focus on local issues

The proven work of the local anecists* in 2023, with a view to providing answers to the bank of problems of the territory, led to the formulation of 19 proposals for actions, initiatives and solutions, with a recognized scientific and professional rigor to contribute to the transformations that currently characterize the national economy in harmonization with the state and private sectors.

Contramaestrian economists and accountants also participate in external investment projects to support the strengthening of the fruit chain at the local level (agrofrutales) as well as in local agri-food chains (Agrocadenas).

*Members of the Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba, ANEC

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