Contramaestre strove for maintaining vital services in the first half of the year

Contramaestre concentrated its efforts on maintaining vital services in the first half of the year.

In the midst of very difficult conditions in the international scenario that fundamentally affect the economic and commercial activity, the municipality of Contramaestre ends the first semester of the year with superior results compared to the same period of 2023. In spite of this, not all the expected progress has been made and in this territory of Santiago, efforts are aimed at making the productive and service activity more dynamic and efficient in the remainder of 2024, through more organization and work demands.

Working in conditions of a war economy has been a challenge for the municipality of Contramaestre in the first half of the year. Notwithstanding the enormous difficulties and shortages, the effort has been directed, in a prioritized manner, to the maintenance of basic services to the population.

During the period, it is worth mentioning the fulfillment of the mercantile circulation with significant contributions from the commerce, food and local industries sectors.

In line with the indications given by the country’s top management, a strategy was adopted to increase fiscal and administrative control towards the elimination of phenomena related to the availability of cash and the advancement of bankarization.

The housing program is not fulfilled even though the production of construction materials has been increased in relation to the same stage of 2023. Social programs for families and people in vulnerable conditions, as well as neighborhoods in transformation, are not being abandoned.

A Contramaestrian is among the seven santiagueros who managed to obtain the maximum qualification in the entrance exams to higher education.

The sports movement made its community actions much more dynamic in the first half of the year, achieving significant events such as the Cubaila and the participation of almost two dozen athletes in the national school games.

Contramaestre is still fulfilling its food planting plans for the stage, renewing its agricultural consolidation strategy for its productive pole and its four development areas in Bungo, El Rincón, La Veguita and La Montería. Here we continue planting plantain vianda in the extra-dense modality, donkey plantain, yucca, sweet potato, pumpkin and grains such as corn, beans and a wide variety of vegetables.

At the end of the semester, the municipality perfected the business activity of local subordination, leaving Empresa Agroindustrial América Libre and Empresa Agropecuaria Laguna Blanca in this condition, while eight are moving towards this legal status. In the month of August the Municipal Livestock Company should be formed and there will be two Mixed Companies.

Sugar production is of vital importance for the Contramaestrians. Increasing sugarcane production to guarantee more than 120 days of sugarcane harvest with high yields is the final objective and the fulfillment of the planting plans to date is only a first step.

In the territory, progress is being made in the installation of solar panels at four sites for the installation of new water pumps, one of which is already being tested in the town of Baire.

With an air of renewal in its socio-economic development strategy until 2030, the municipality enters the second half of the year. Approved in the most recent session of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power, the duly updated plan is based on the adequate exploitation of the immense local resources, those that with greater demand and control, should become the main source and security for the development of the Contramaestrians.

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