Farmers’ association in Contramaestre develops science and technology forum

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Developing the productive forces involved in agricultural activity through the use of science and technology is essential in times when the sector needs to be revitalized. Innovation plays a fundamental role in these purposes in the midst of very complex material conditions. That is why Contramaestre has just completed the base event of the agroecology forum led by the National Association of Small Farmers and its results are detailed in the following material.

More than a dozen research works, all of them put into practice in agriculture in the municipality of Contramaestre, were presented at the ANAP science and technology forum in this territory of Santiago de Cuba.

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An example of this was the project defended by the young Contramaestrian producer Laritza Brizuela López, who is now experimenting with the breeding of freshwater fish in rice fields.

Judging by the behavior of these first experimental months, very good results are expected, which, according to the farmer, respond to the conditions of the Cuban terrain, since this is a Chinese production system adapted to our reality.

Professor Francisco Ojeda from the Municipal University Center in Contramaestre and member of the jury of the event, drew attention to the potential of this experience that could contribute significantly to various sub-programs of urban agriculture, boosting the local circular economy to achieve true sustainable development.

Works such as Laritza’s were presented at the ANAP Contramaestrian Municipal Forum. The most outstanding participants were recognized, leaving the doors open for future meetings where science and knowledge of the countryside join forces to contribute to the efforts of food sovereignty of the Cuban nation.

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