Livestock farm in Contramaestre stands out for diversification of its production

Diverse food production

In the farm of producer Jorge Maldonado de los Reyes in the municipality of Contramaestre, the breeding of livestock is promoted, especially cattle for milk and beef production.

And although this is the star product of this productive enclave, its collective diversifies the productions, taking advantage of the fertile lands and the desire to do of its people. Thanks to this, they can list almost a dozen crops.

They have already planted five hectares of corn, seven hectares of beans and two hectares of yucca.

In the farm there is a work design thanks to which all the opportunities of the land and the infrastructure created are taken advantage of. There is an optimal use of animal traction and alternatives for the feeding of small livestock.

The spirit of the workers is to work for the people and guarantee high quality production despite the economic limitations of the country. They look for alternatives to achieve their work objectives in the midst of the crisis, and work under the principle that work is the main source of wealth.

No one sits around waiting for fuel or chemicals. Alternatives are sought to multiply feed volumes.

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