Sad memory of the assassination in Cuba of eight medical students

Eight medical students were assassinated in Havana for an allegedly desecration.

On November 27, 1871, one of the most horrendous crimes of Spanish colonialism in Cuba was carried out in Havana. 8 medical students were murdered.

The oldest was no older than 20 and the youngest was only 16 years old. The atrocious event has been deeply marked by the countless sacrifices of young people who have offered their lives in the struggles for the national liberation of our Homeland.

This crime shocked the society of the time because these were not people who had fallen in combat in other lands, not even far from the country’s capital, they were young people with little political participation.

The students in Contramaestre do not forget that hate biased the lives of those young people; His truncated dreams are today realities among the university students of this land who, guided by his spirit, continue to defend and contribute to this Revolution that has formed them as good men.

This year marks the 152nd Anniversary of what happened. The abominable crime contributed to strengthening the independence sentiment of Cubans.

The firm position of the students throughout the process pardoned them before the Homeland and turned them into a flag; For this reason, the Contramaestrians students pay tribute today to the honorable existence of those young people who died, according to Martí, “with a hymn in their throats.”

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