Praise for elderly care at Contramaestre

Praise for elderly care at Contramaestre

Much is seen in the street about the marginalization of the elderly. They are discriminated and mistreated, perhaps because of their consequent slowness over the years.

Although this is a reality, there are still those who give their lives for the welfare of these people. This is the case of the workers of the Wilfredo Pagés Pérez de Contramaestre nursing home. Where old age is not a defect due to wear and tear, but a virtue due to experience.

This April 12, 2024, the workers of the center celebrated collectively with the elderly residents of the home the birthday of 20 grandparents. This is part of a disciplinary plan that has the same, with the aim of bringing a little joy to the elderly.

It is also part of an occupational therapy plan because the elderly who reside in these centers are often depressed, feel anxious, abandoned and even become completely isolated.

…the process or old age alone provides psychological damage to the person, adding to the variable the loss of a marriage, family abandonment, a disability, loss of physical or mental faculties etc, the elderly become depressed, this is where occupational therapy comes in as a strategy to improve the quality of life of institutionalized grandparents that is to say that they are part of nursing homes ….

Elaine Paneque la Rosa, Lic. in Social and Occupational Rehabilitation, who works as a social worker at the health center, said.

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