Towards a May Day with heartfelt feelings

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“For Cuba together we create” is the slogan that summons to this May Day the proletarian class, Cubans who love and found, who laugh and dream, who work and build, who grow and decide.

Once again the great multitude of men and women will lead a great march of workers’ sweat, with love in their hearts, with the desire to move forward, to create, to seek solutions to respond to challenges and challenges in the presence of difficult times.

Aware of promoting creativity in each sector and job, the commitment of the Contramaestrians to contribute to the development of the country to continue advancing, will be expressed in the massive parade with the company of pioneers, young people, peasants, housewives, combatants, retirees, self-employed, and state workers.

José Martí will re-emerge in this patriotic avalanche that will recall the 171st birthday of the Apostle, whose people, inspired by his legacy, will denounce the lies of the imperialist power that intends to subdue an island that will never be a slave of the “giant of the seven leagues”.

Fidel will parade with his factory workers, school workers, hospital workers, farmers, intellectuals, artists, sportsmen, merchants, gastronomic and food workers, all of them called to correct distortions and to re-invigorate the country’s economy.

Fidel will be the light that will illuminate the multitude of faces, flags, banners and slogans, a multitude that will dignify the Homeland with work, with the love that comes from their hands and feelings that emerge in their hearts.

The distinctive march, guided by the greatest revolutionary conquests, will also exalt the 65 years of the victorious January to reaffirm the ideology of the Cuban, to continue being a socialist nation, which defends and fights for its independence, its peace, its sovereignty.

The energetic condemnation against the genocide of the people of Palestine by the Zionist government of Israel with the complicity of the United States, will be a unanimous and public voice in the great workers’ march for the International Workers’ Day in Contramaestre.

Once again, visible legs and throats will once again ratify their loyalty to the Cuban social model, despite the very complex adversities, with the invariable determination to continue along the paths of equity and social justice.

With clenched and raised fists, as an expression of firmness and continuity, Contramaestre will reissue another May Day with infinite love for the Homeland, to save the revolutionary work with patriotic solidity.

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