Daniel Reádigos, a Cuban martyr from Contramaestre

Daniel Reádigos, a Cuban martyr from Contramaestre

Several are the figures that the history of the locality of Contramaestre keeps, Daniel Reádigos Pérez is one of them. Martyr born on February 3, 1929 in the town of Guaro, jurisdiction of Mayari, province of Holguin.

He was thirteen years old when this adopted son of the eastern city arrived for the first time in the lands of Contramaestre, with his lineage of Spanish descent and where years later he would work as a driver in his father’s furniture store.

Reádigos Pérez is one of those men that local history cannot forget. Militant of the Orthodox Party, member of the 26th of July Movement, organization that allowed him to have revolutionary links with Frank País García and Orlando Pantoja Tamayo. Movement of which he was head of action and sabotage in the territory.

Danielito, as his friends and family affectionately called him, was one of the many Cubans who fought to transform the society in which he lived, a society where injustice, poverty and inequality stalked a good part of the Cuban population.

A lover of judo, baseball and the violin, a musical instrument he mastered, shows the versatile personality of this local hero.

On December 18, 1958, three days after the attack on Fomento in which Daniel Reádigos Pérez was wounded, he died with the rank of captain.

Contramaestre preserves his martyr´s name

In April 1962 one of the most important cultural institutions of the municipality was inaugurated, the Daniel Réadigos Pérez bookstore. This institution proudly bears the name of this essential figure in the history of Contramaestre. Entity where dissimilar events of great importance for the social and cultural life of the city have been developed.

Today, 95 years after his birth, Contramaestre remembers this man from Holguin by birth but from Contramaestre by adoption. A man who unintentionally marked in the historical memory of this southeastern territory for his revolutionary ideology and actions.

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