Neighborhood Award granted to a family in Contramaestre

A family in Contramaestre awarded for their outstanding community work.

The Valle Castro family in the municipality of Contramaestre received the “Premio del Barrio”, the highest award given by the largest mass organization in the country, the CDR.

In the community of La Filomena where the six members of this household reside, the recognition was conferred to them, accompanied by the neighbors with whom they have carried out countless actions of revolutionary and community building.

Ricardo Valle García and his wife Consuelo Castro Gómez received the recognition on behalf of their family members from leaders of the party and the organization in the province and the territory.

In the fruitful revolutionary life of the Valle Castro family stands out their participation, among others, in the October crisis, the literacy campaign, the founding of the CDR and the FMC, congresses and all the social and community actions, merits made known in the meeting and that endorse such a high distinction.

In his words of acceptance of the Barrio Award, Ricardo Valle García ratified his household’s commitment to continue working and contributing from the CDRs to the construction of a better society.

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