Men and women of heartwarming light

Men and women of heartwarming light

They are men and women who have directed the art of listening, understanding, and guiding in the light and adversity in the service of the human being, who thanks to their knowledge give back the smile and the opportunity to dream to that person who believed that all was lost.

Exercising for others, is the profession that distinguishes him in search of healing mental and emotional conflicts. Giving back inner peace, helping to grow as people, is the gratitude of patients who seek a different behavior for their lives.

Reaching out to others to serve as a guide in a dark path of the mind, is the main mission of this Army that teaches the meaning of life to find in the lives of people a meaning.

To be a psychologist is to go beyond the obvious, beyond words, silences and expressions, it is to go beyond what is seen to find hidden treasures.

With love and perseverance, charisma and kindness, they accompany the personal path to widen the hope of being better human beings. Without invention or improvisation, they describe behavior with objectivity, without judgment or criticism.

As men and women of comforting light, these professionals are grouped as discoverers of what really makes humanity happy; comprehensive beings of the different processes that affect mental health in the life of individuals.

To the psychologists of Contramaestre who, with each advice build bridges of happiness, accompanying smiles, drying tears and planting strong roots, eternal gratitude and congratulations for choosing a humanistic vocation that is well worth to be from the knowledge the personal and spiritual growth of their fellows.

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