School year of resistance and love in Maffo

School year of resistance and love in Maffo

In Maffo the classrooms were full again and there is no better occasion to talk about a school term of resistance and love.

The beginning of the 2023-2024 school year, the first one with normality after the impact of Covid-19, transcends from its start and until today with certainty of an inclusive, equitable and fair educational process, according to the precepts of Cuban pedagogy.

Back to the course, the uniforms with their distinctive colors, backpacks loaded with notebooks, books and pencils, as well as the dreams to conquer whose goals will be possible in the classrooms are still a daily tradition.

2023-2024 school year, a challenge

On the other hand, the challenges for households where there is a member of school age, are translated into supporting this student body in the rhythm demanded by the current teaching-educational process in the face of times of shortages and difficulties, which require endurance and love.

But the symbolism of the beginning of the school year in Maffo goes beyond the individual effort, because recognizing the collective contribution is the respect of a country to defend one of its most precious conquests.

In spite of the numerous adversities faced, such as viruses, blockade by a world power and economic crisis, the Cuban educational system shows its greatness and stoicism to show the planet the value of the nation’s pedagogy, in a commitment to the intellect, to the intelligence that innovates and fights for sovereignty, giving every day of its creativity.

I am sure that the present school period, of classes and teachers, scarves and national anthem, of flowers and respect for Martí, is and will be of marked will to continue sowing instruction and values, which is to work for the Homeland.

After that destiny, the classrooms were filled again, so that there is no better occasion for a school year of resistance and love.

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