Contramaestre in the exercise of the highest audit of Agriculture

Contramaestre in the exercise of the highest audit of Agriculture

Agreement number 32 of the Cuban Parliament indicated last July to set up a commission to carry out an exercise of the highest supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture in Cuba, to be implemented from September 6 to October 10.

In Santiago de Cuba province, it was decided to work in the municipalities of Tercer Frente, Contramaestre and Santiago itself. And to supervise the work of the Tabacuba, Swine, Poultry, Agroforestry and Agricultural and Livestock companies.

A commission of 13 members of Parliament, divided into two groups, arrived in Contramaestre, together with another work team from the provincial headquarters of agriculture, which assists the deputies’ program of activities in a comprehensive approach.

The purpose of the audit, which began on September 19 in Contramaestre and concludes on September 21, is to evaluate a group of issues at the base in order to unblock, chain and know what is happening, what are the real existing problems that prevent agriculture from moving forward; checking on issues such as crime, attention to workers, salaries and unpaid wages, the work of the cadres, deficiencies and shortcomings in the production processes, among others.

The second day of inspection of Agriculture began this Wednesday in the Agricultural and Livestock Labor Collective Dry Fodder subordinated to the Santiago de Cuba Pork Company, which has the social task of producing food for animal consumption, as well as producing, collecting and marketing pork in band and on the hoof.

Comprehensive development of agriculture

The work trip continued at the facilities of the Titi 1 and Titi 3 Brigades where the Dry Fodder Labor Collective develops a pig program based on the breeding of pigs with the use of the Creole feed they produce.

The dialogue with the workers focused on the results of this new form of socialist state management, applied since July 2022. As well as the problems with the water supply, animal feed and some medicines, the formation of the workers’ salaries, among other topics.

On the other hand, group number 2 of the governmental control commission visiting Contramaestre visited this Wednesday the poultry entities Las Cruces, Guaninao and the UEB of Gelma.

Giselly Cruz Santo, deputy to the National Assembly and coordinator of the commission described the tours as favorable, detecting problems which prevent development, but the work is appreciated, the great potential of the workers which translates into results and exhorted to multiply the experience of the Titi 1 and Titi 3 in other territories of the province.

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