Physical Planning Institute, vision and development perspective

Institute of Physical Planning, vision and development perspective

Fidel was the founder of this organization to accompany the great revolutionary transformations. The change was urgent and necessary to provide an optimal use of the land, to organize the nation’s activities with a vision and perspective of development.

The priority was to work for what we loved in order to build a new society, build an economy and balance the environment. Transforming a country was a commitment of technical specialists, of men and women with the will and desire to make the country’s development a prosperous model.

To transform a country was a commitment to technical specialists, men and women with the will and desire to make the country’s development a prosperous model. Schools, hospitals, factories, sports and cultural facilities, parks, industries and roads would fulfill their mission for a growing urbanization.

Fidel was certain that the wealth had to belong to the people, that advancing the path of an orderly and planned economy was an immediate and strategic mission.

Thus, Cuba was gaining in organization, experience and perfection, to eradicate urban deficiencies in search of impacts on human settlements that today enjoy diverse services, hygienic and sanitary conditions, which ensure a quality of life for its people.

One task with the name of Life to face climate change is of eternal gratitude to Fidel, its main architect, determined to look at tomorrow as something urgent, placing science and technology in defense of the protection of the citizens of his country, in the face of the serious environmental challenge.

Therefore, today we are grateful for the existence of the Institute of Physical Planning, an organization that has contributed permanent improvements to give us, with legal support, cities and towns with an aesthetic beauty in harmony with the architecture, the soil and the landscape, to make a dream come true, promised by Martí and fulfilled by Fidel, of building a beautiful homeland with benefits within the reach of all.

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