Farmers’ national association, 63 years at the side of the Cuban peasantry

ANAP, 63 years at the side of the Cuban peasantry

The National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) is 63 years old. This organization was founded in 1961 and its objective is to represent the interests of farmers, agricultural cooperative members and their families.

Its main mission is the production of food, promote the role of its members to facilitate their membership in a space of active participation in the economic and social life of the country in addition to consolidate the features of cultural identity.

ANAP is an organization that since its inception was structured from the grassroots to national levels. It listens to and represents the men and women of the countryside. Individuals that before 1959 were violated the elementary human rights and this was transformed after the revolutionary triumph, which is why it is and will be on the side of our socialist social system.

The National Association of Small Farmers has been present at all times and in every task of the Cuban government; from the Literacy Campaign, the fight against bandits, to the most current ones related to the sovereignty and food security of the nation.

The Cuban peasant organization has implemented from the beginning of its foundation a solid political and ideological work in the strengthening of the worker-peasant alliance and in the elimination of individualistic currents showing the benefits of collective work in cooperatives.

To say ANAP is to say Fidel, a distinguished figure of the leading organization that the Cuban peasantry will keep in mind because it was the Commander in Chief who closed a cycle of injustice and oppression of this sensitive and important sector.

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