Broad participation of Contramaestre in recreational sports festival Cubaila

Cubaila festival in Contramaestre

The municipality of Contramaestre developed the Cubaila festival, an annual activity in which the six sports teams of the territory participate, after a rigorous evaluation, where choreography, costumes, use of traditional music, creativity and participation of different age groups are taken into account.

Contramaestre always ranks among the most outstanding municipalities in Santiago de Cuba province in Cubaila festivas, managing to be among the first three places. This competitive event is led by the department of physical culture that this time again showed its potential to achieve organization and sports massiveness.

Systematic practitioners, activists, activists and professionals of sports, physical culture and recreation, once again proved that Contramaestre is still a place where sports are accessible to all.

Thus, they contributed to the efforts of Santiago de Cuba province to reedit the First Place achieved in two consecutive Cubaila festivals at the national edition of this popular festival.

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