Efrén Ortega, a man of a single Party

Communist Party of Cuba

Efrén is a granmense who loves Contramaestre as his homeland. He arrived in the municipality in 1987 with knowledge in labor law, human resources, a vast preparation in the ranks of the Party, and even the passion for music in a self-taught way, to deliver to this territory the most prolific stage of his life.

He accumulated around 57 recognitions from the People’s Power, the FAR, the MINIT, the CTC, the ANCI… His work record was marked as Head of the Human Resources Department in the Commerce and Gastronomy Company, as administrator of the Agricultural Market, and after his retirement for 20 years, as Member of the Municipal Committee of the Party. Just this April 16, the day in which Fidel Castro declared the Socialist Character of the Cuban Revolution, we talked with Efrén Ortega Álvarez, who gave experience, commitment and time to the Party in Contramaestre.

Efrén Ortega E.O: I visited certain companies for different situations, the party decides that you must be part of a commission for any type of analysis and there you participate. I think that more than joy is the commitment, it is a tremendous responsibility, it has to put you in function of the party, of the projections that the party has to defend it and in a plenary session when an issue is analyzed you have a voice and a vote.

Journalist: Do you remember any significant experience as a member of the Municipal Committee of the Party in Contramaestre?

E.O: When I arrived at the party I already had a preparation, I had passed a national school of CDR cadre, I had passed the basic school of revolutionary instruction, I had been a soldier in the National School of Cadre, I worked in a company, I was a combatant since I was 17 years old in the Escambray, entrenchment in the October Crisis, nine more military mobilizations for all the infiltrations that there were in the country. So when I came to the party, all that allowed me to participate. But I remember one day when I told Diógenes, one of the secretaries who passed through Contramaestre, I have to stand up many times to give my opinion in the committee meetings and it may upset some other administrative or directive and he told me -Efrén you are in this committee because of the experience you have, so sometimes even I as secretary do not notice it, you do notice it-. One of the things that always made me feel secure was the respect that all the leaders of the party and of the companies have had for me.

Q: How would you summarize your almost 20 years of work in the Municipal Committee?

E.O: I think I have made my contribution with my experience, I think I have made my contribution in the party to its operation, in many occasions to participate in these commissions with elements that needed to be incorporated to the analysis, to have done it, to have earned the respect and consideration of my fellow members.

Q: What dissatisfactions did you have?

E.O: I would have liked the rest of the members of the committee, all of them to have a more active participation in it.

Q: What message do you send to the continuity in the ranks of the Party?

E.O: I wish you many good things, I know that the work that the party has to do is not easy, especially in these times and the work of the party is very hard and arduous, you have to have a great effort, you have to have a lot of willpower and the party militant has to be an agent that dreams a lot, that thinks a lot, that proposes things, I would exhort you to keep improving yourself constantly, to work with the cadre reserve, continuity is achieved with continuity. Congratulations to all the party militants and our first thought has to be for Fidel.

Q: As your experience and preparation, did your love for music also take you to the Municipal Committee?

E.O: Not only there, I have been all over the municipality participating in the assistance plans, people say they like what I do, but I know I am not a musician.

Efrén Ortega, adopted son of Contramaestre, remembers with pleasure his dedication to the work in the Municipal Committee of the Party during 20 years and although his walk is slow that prevents him to continue the work, he declares himself in full intellectual capacity with restless neurons to analyze, to give criteria and to contribute to his Homeland.

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