Contramaestre celebrates the 63rd anniversary of the Pioneers

Contramaestre celebrates the 63rd anniversary of the Pioneers.

With a special magic of dream catchers, boys and girls, all of them pioneers, of the educational institution “Antonio Maceo” of the town of Maffo, celebrated the 63rd anniversary of their organization.

The activity, which became a municipal act of homage to those who are in their golden age, was an expression of the authenticity of retired and active teachers, as they staged with creative imagination characters from legends of universal storytelling.

Among poems, songs and dramatizations, those same children’s hearts, accompanied by Yosel Rosell Avila, Municipal President of the José Martí Pioneers Organization, and Maricel Hechavarría Gé, General Director of Education in Contramaestre, reaffirmed with joy and applause, the guarantee of continuity to the revolutionary work.

With the warmth of the first rays of the morning sun, the recognition to a group of pioneers and base guides who stood out in the participation in the activities of the organization, received the welcome of the youth of the future, called to be better human beings and revolutionaries.

With the legitimate happiness that characterizes the pioneers of Cuba, the new pines of the Educational Institution “Antonio Maceo” of municipal celebration on the eve of April 4, promised to our National Hero, to continue being the heirs of that rich history of love to the Homeland, its heroes and the conquests of socialism.

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