Party leadership in Contramaestre maintains close links with food producers (+Video)

Party leadership in Contramaestre maintains close links with food producers

The highest leadership of the party in the municipality of Contramaestre maintains close ties with the productive base, as part of the work system in that territory of Santiago de Cuba. The objective is to attend first hand the demands and needs of the rural workers, in the midst of the imperative need to increase food production.

The First Secretary of the Party in the municipality of Contramaestre, comrade Yoelvis Suarez Zapata, develops systematic exchanges with agricultural producers in this territory of Santiago.

On this occasion he exchanged with usufructuaries and landowners in the localities of Paso Seco, Baire and Pueblo Nuevo. Accompanied by Manuel Rodríguez Alfaro, President of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power, he learned first hand about the productive plans as well as the difficulties faced by these farm workers.

A recurring theme is the low availability of fuel for activities such as land preparation and irrigation of plantations, as well as shortages of fertilizers and other inputs which, despite their negative impact, do not discourage them.

On the contrary, the Contramaestrian political authority finds in its path determination and search for alternatives, such as the use of organic fertilizers, bio-pesticides and the introduction of innovations that maintain the vitality of the productive activity.

The immediate result of these meetings is the recovery of the Saturday fairs, where not only a greater variety of assortments can be appreciated, but also a discreet drop in prices.


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