Happiness in Cuba is built

Happiness in Cuba is built

Does happiness exist in Cuba, asked a young man who is in pre-university studies, when I was in his educational institution to do a journalistic work on the issue.

My answer did not take long to come. Yes, it exists. Happiness is in every moment that we intend to witness it, to enjoy it, and in every ordinary step we take every day.

Happiness is not visible to our eyes because it is not material, although it is palpable when we are able to build it and touch it with our own hands.

Happiness is visible when the school year begins and thousands of children enter preschool with the excitement of discovering a new world, to experience a different stage, to wear the uniform, to meet and learn from a new teacher.

Happiness is also -even in complex conditions- to see those twelfth graders preparing to take the entrance exams to the higher level to soon lay the foundations for a future professional and working life.

The happiness that the great majority of Cubans have enjoyed the most in recent years is the security of being protected by the efforts of the nation’s scientists, who gave us our own 100 percent Cuban vaccines against covid-19.

Happiness is to see athletes triumph in international competitions displaying their gold medals and our Cuban flag, conquered by dint of sports preparation with limited resources as a result of the blockade, competing with dignity and infinite love for our homeland.

We are happy when we are united, positive and kind, when we help the needy, when we smile and feel that life is wonderful thanks to the moments lived with our loved ones.

We express happiness when we cultivate inner peace, listen to music, do physical exercises, share with friends or simply when we find in the simple things of life the subtle magic that accompanies it.

In my opinion, the key to everything is to know what makes our heart happy and what identifies us, from there we will be free to build our microuniverses of happiness.

After my arguments, the young man, whose name I did not ask, smiled with satisfaction and answered me: “Happiness is in our efforts, in the way we look and act in life, rethinking solutions, projects, purposes and clearing clumsiness; only in this way we will be happy.

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