Half-boarding school salutes José Martí’s 171st birthday

Half-boarding school Ernesto Guevara salutes José Martí's 171st birthday

In the Seminternado-Ernesto Guevara de la Serna of the municipality of Contramaestre in the province of Santiago de Cuba, in homage to the 171st birthday of the Cuban National Hero José Martí, a broad plan of activities involving the school, the family and the community is being developed.

The thought, life and work of the Man of the Golden Age is of vital importance in the integral formation of the students who will be the protagonists of these activities.

Dailín del Toro Roblejo is the director of this elementary school and she tells us more about what will happen.

¨…we have designed a series of activities to pay homage to José Martí, to that man who taught us to see from another point of view to the children and for that we have planned special matinees, meetings of knowledge, the meeting of Martian classrooms that we will develop on the 28th, but also literary cushions, interviews, meetings that will promote the knowledge of the students about the life and work of this great man who was our Apostle.

We ask for the unconditional support of the families so that all the activities that are planned can be developed, in terms of costumes, memorization of all the topics that are taught in order to guarantee a general and integral knowledge of this great man.

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