Cuban sport has a great champion: Fidel

Cuban sport has a great champion: Fidel

As a man of the people with the soul of a sportsman, Fidel was always close to his athletes; he was the architect who defended sports in every corner of a small country, which progressively became a giant with great champions.

Fidel is one of those men of indelible presence, to whom the athletic movement is grateful for his triumphs. His imprint is engraved in every medal won, in every exponent of the stature of Alberto Juantorena, Felix Savon, Teofilo Stevenson, Ana Fidelia Quirot, Javier Sotomayor, Mijain Lopez.

To talk about sports glories in Cuba means to say Fidel, it means to recognize the fruits of a Revolution that witnessed the birth of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation, INDER, that built a sports industry to give beauty and color to its athletes, that trained sports doctors to take care of the health of its men and women.

Fidel, the sports inspirer

Fidel is the inspirer of the universe of children, young people, adults and the elderly, who through good practices, strengthen their muscles; he is the example of developing sports capabilities for competitive purposes; he is the greatest recognition of the leading role of the humblest children of the Homeland; he is the intelligent work to demonstrate that despite the blockade we are worthy in various disciplines on the international scene.

Thanks to the Commander-in-Chief, sports in Cuba is translated into an activity that encourages, entertains, excites and makes the people happy; sports on the Island is the prevention of health and its exercise acts as a transformer of thought.

Fidel is one of those immortals who not only played soccer, basketball, pelota, chess, but also loved sports as a right of the people, contributing institutions that give prestige to the Olympic development of the nation.

Fidel is an icon for many sportsmen because he provided them with the best of models, defending with courage and pride the flag of the Homeland; he is one of those leaders who fits all the gold in his chest because he continues to be light encouraging his athletes to look good in every play; because Cuban Sport still has a great champion: Fidel.

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