A slave to alcohol

A slave to alcohol

His name does not really matter. Those who see him so sure of himself do not imagine that almost a decade ago he reached the gates of hell itself and touched the lowest of human misery. Alcohol was the trigger that turned him into a faithful slave, capable of losing even his dignity.

Behind the steps of anonymity, he does not remember the exact moment of his first encounter with drink, but he does remember the outings with the neighbors of the neighborhood and his schoolmates, who gathered together to enjoy the pleasure of the moment.

In those times of drinking, the darkness did not yield to the light and family conflicts were repeated daily. Those were times of lies, of collecting a salary and spending it without thinking about food at home, even selling personal belongings to quench the thirst for alcohol.

Alcoholism against everything

Under these circumstances, there was no shortage of advice from people who appreciated this man neglected by addiction, and the detachment of children and siblings intensified, thus increasing the agony of parents beaten by the presence of a chronic drinker in the family.

Submerged in alcoholism, at the distance of almost ten years, the page of the book, no matter how much he tried to jump, still lives in a corner that is hard to dust off, according to this man, who reflects in his eyes the subtle way of diverting the conversation in each of the attempts to get to the most hidden details.

One day, he took his first step. Alcoholics Anonymous was the program where he learned to avoid the first drink, to resist a few hours without tasting the drink that led him to touch the gates of hell itself.

Today, this man who does not reveal his identity because his name does not matter, does not use to tell the time elapsed of nightmares lying down, because he decided not to look back so as not to continue to sicken his soul.

Today, sobriety gave him back his lost values and most importantly, gave him the opportunity to recover his family and social relationships. This rehabilitated man, after being in darkness, after being a slave to alcohol, saw the light again.

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