Methodological training, vital for educational excellence

Methodological training, vital for educational excellence

The teaching-method training of Cuban teachers is of vital importance for the proper development of the teaching and learning process, which is why the Ernesto Guevara de la Serna boarding school in the municipality of Contramaestre in the province of Santiago de Cuba pays special attention to it.

“…it is designed taking into account the school’s institutional curriculum that starts from the regularities of the pedagogical delivery of the previous course…” According to Ibian Furé General coordinator of the 1st and 2nd moments of development in the educational institution.

…these irregularities respond to the insufficiency in the learning of each school group and from that we design the programs and complementary activities that respond to these difficulties, for it we have worked different forms of the methodological work among which they count the instructive methodological class, the preparation of the subject as a fundamental link to carry out an adequate methodological work directly with the teachers, the methodological offices, the direction positions. The methodological preparation of the teachers is designed from their time fund which includes the preparation of the subjects where it is shown to each one taking into account the prioritized subjects the contents where there are greater insufficiency, every 15 days is also established the methodological preparation concentrated with the teachers where the contents with greater difficulties are also shown…”.

The methodological preparation is vital for the good development of the teaching-learning Saturday, September 16, the municipal assembly of the Eleventh Congress of the Federation of Cuban Women, FMC, will be held in Contramaestre, which will be attended by 176 delegates, previously selected at the base.

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