Laguna Blanca in exercise of the Territorial Defense Day

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Contramaestre developed the Territorial Defense Day with its tactical and strategic exercise in the Laguna Blanca Defense Zone to put into practice actions of the management and command bodies to prevent, discover and confront situations of risk or threat to the internal security of the demarcations during the enemy’s unconventional warfare.

With the participation of the Municipal Defense Council, CDM, its groups and subgroups and members of the Laguna Blanca Defense Zone, there were drills of robbery with possession, small fires, exercises of reception and treatment of the wounded, circles of interest on civil defense and the uses and benefits of natural and traditional medicine.

The tactical exercise also illustrated how classes would be conducted for wartime or natural phenomena, as well as the demonstration of local talents, recreational means for wartime and sewing, footwear, hairdressing and barbering services.

Laguna Blanca met defense day goals

The objectives proposed in this Territorial Defense Day in Laguna Blanca, to unite the work and improve the direction for the defense of the territories were fulfilled, demonstrating that the strategic concept of Commander Fidel Castro about the war of all the people, which is constantly enriched and improved to react correctly to the different exceptional situations, remains in full force.

Hence the recognition to the groups and subgroups of education, food, public health, culture and inder of the defense zone for the results in the practical exercises demonstrating mastery of the missions, discipline and organization that allow a cohesion of the force in pursuit of defense and victory.

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