For that beautiful freedom… it was necessary to give everything

For that beautiful freedom... it was necessary to give everything.

The nascent Revolution was enlivening hopes, inaugurating opportunities and new experiences everywhere. The fate of the poor had been set in motion, enough had been said for the greater good of man. That path was socialism itself.

It was the path of progress towards justice, brotherhood, solidarity, love among fellow men, towards happiness, shared with the humble and for the humble.

It was the collective good made reality, breaking with Batista’s barbarism and his surrender to the Yankees. Fidel declared the sign of the Revolution that named the arch that united old dreams with the expectations of the majority of the people.

For that freedom as beautiful as life… it was necessary to give everything, before the prelude of the mercenary invasion of Playa Giron, which was preceded by artful attacks of the pirate aviation to the air bases of Ciudad Libertad, San Antonio de Los Baños and Santiago de Cuba, leaving seven dead and more than 50 wounded.

The event, which marked the path to follow in the construction of a social process, became a tribute and at the same time a commitment to the victims of the cruel bombing, as evidenced in the unforgettable speech at the corner of 23rd and 12th in the capital city of Havana.

Socialist revolution was the essence of improvement, the leap of political consciousness of a people, and the approval of soldiers and militiamen willing to defend the Cuba of all, to the last drop of blood, knowing that they were recognized in that symbolic act.

That April 16 marked the word committed to equity and social change, to see the triumph of a humanism with deep fraternal roots, making the kingdom of justice prevail on earth.

Sixty-three years after that historic April, April of spring and victory, Cuba dressed in olive green in honor of those militiamen, ratifies the oath of dignity, integrity, courage and ideological firmness that translates into patriotism and unity in defense of our socialism.