Summer mood in Contramaestre, in true Cuban style

Summer mood

Summer Mood is the summer proposal designed for this year 2024, in a very Cuban style, a stage for which several attractive options that contribute to healthy recreation and the use of free time, without leaving behind hygienic and sanitary measures and social discipline, are being planned from now on.

For the present season, in Contramaestre, we are already working to strengthen identity values and family unity, as well as to satisfy the needs and interests of children, adolescents and young people, preferably, having as scenarios the communities of the 13 districts of the municipality.

And I emphasize the term communities, because in the presence of a very complex economic situation, it is precisely in the neighborhoods where recreational activities should be promoted with creative intelligence and collective contribution, according to a municipal schedule promoted by the Union of Communist Youth, with the intersectoral help of a group of specialists from public institutions.

Reinventing new ways to entertain children, with artistic and sports initiatives and as many ideas as arise in the neighborhoods, should be a priority task in order to offer a cheerful and fun free time, after a year of study in the classrooms of knowledge.

That is why we insist on making every block a space for healthy recreation, through community theaters, art and literature, painting, participatory games and discussions on historical events related to the months of July and August.

The portfolio of possibilities for the “Summer Mood” also includes the organization of group excursions in direct contact with nature, visits to historical sites, programs of differentiated attention to vulnerable families and communities, and workshops for artistic appreciation and creation.

On the contrary, the idea is to ensure that the community itself has recreational options that are popularly accepted, where discipline, solidarity and compliance with sanitary and hygienic measures prevail.

If these positive behaviors are assumed in the midst of a very complicated economic situation, the summer “Summer Mood” from the neighborhood will have a very Cuban seal of unity and authenticity.

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