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forestry workers day 2

Serafín Rodríguez Sánchez is a forestry worker in Contramaestre, who carries on his back a life devoted to forests. Every facial line has been carved by the secrets of Mother Nature.

He has witnessed the forestry routine since he was a child. He carries with his machete all the experience of forest management so that the air can be purified, the soil can be more fertile and the temperature can be reduced, so that the nature world can be better.

Although age has limited his obligations, he has not lost his desire to “eat the world”. Every step under the protection of leafy trees is a testament to his connection to the earth; he seems to know every root, every trunk, every branch.

He seems to know every root, every trunk, every branch. No one understands the soil the way Serafin does; from his hands grow timber and fruit bushes. He is a hardened country man. He does not know about technologies, modernity or trends, he does not understand policies, but he knows the importance of reforesting to avoid greater evils.

This forestry worker learned that without forests life disappears, that nurseries must be prepared to plant tomorrow’s trees, to ensure sustainable development; that loving green nature must be an act of infinite constancy.

Serafin Rodriguez, at each dawn renews his commitment to forestry, because he knows that a healthy, pure environment, a more welcoming natural prism, depends on his consecration.

From his individuality, this experienced man contributes to the silvicultural treatment demanded by plantations older than three years. Trimming, pruning, selective felling, replacement of faults, restore more health to the trees cultivated by Serafin.

Today, Forestry Worker’s Day, Contramaestre is grateful for the presence of men like Serafin Rodriguez Sanchez, who has spent almost a lifetime loving trees, so that the municipality exhibits a green face in harmony with the environment.

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