Contramaestre devises a territorial plan for demographic dynamics

Aging population in Contramaestre

Taking into account the current demographic situation in Cuba, which is essentially characterized by an aging population, the Contramaestre Government, in the eastern part of the country, joins the actions demanded by this priority issue for the Cuban State.

For this reason, the Municipality Government Council (CAM) has devised the territorial plan for the attention to the demographic dynamics, which will soon be presented to the delegates that make up the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power of this territory, one of the oldest in the province of Santiago de Cuba.

Four objectives are contained in the plan to address such a vital issue, among which stands out the stimulation of fertility in order to approach population replacement in a medium-term perspective.

The CAM also aims to meet the needs of the growing population aged 60 and over, to promote the participation of older adults in society and to stimulate employment among older people who are able to work.

Another of the objectives in terms of addressing the demographic situation in Contramaestre, according to the plan, includes devising an appropriate strategy to address the causes of external and internal migration in order to reduce these flows, to mitigate the depopulation of rural areas, and to outline policies that facilitate the participation of Cubans living abroad in the country’s socio-economic development processes.

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