Vilma Espín, symbol of the people

Vilma Espín, symbol of the people

To Santiago de Cuba, April gave a natural star full of feelings, alive, serene, pleasant, lighted, who is an everlasting pride in her hometown.

This daughter of our Santiago, born on April 7th of spring, is like a spring of clear water that prints freshness and hope to the Cuban woman, grateful for her kindness.

Vilma Espín Guillois, is the upright Homeland, the mother companion, the courage and honor, who threshed dark nights to make of the clandestinity the deepest imprint for the conquered freedom.

She is the guerrilla in love with her Cuba, the rose turned into a song and dream realized as an unquenchable star that amazes the roots of Santiago, who worships the candor of April with the birth of this woman, whose greatness captivates like the flight of a hummingbird.

Vilma is the heroine who continues dressed in Revolution, she is the path, the conviction, the seed that fructifies in different generations of Cuban women, who thanks to this flower have emancipated themselves to write beautiful pages of love and dedication with feminine seal.

All the good of her efforts transcend the Island that does not forget the work of Vilma, who was born to dress her soul with tenderness and insurrection, to offer her fellow women dignity, work, respect, protection and rights, indelible in socialist Cuba.

Santiago de Cuba dawns happy this April 7, when it remembers the 94 years of the origin of Vilma Espín Guillois, of a beautiful lady who conquered the Title of Heroine of the Republic and Honorary President of the Federation of Cuban Women, for being a reference of action and thought, firmness and fidelity, turned into a symbol of the people.

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