Almeida, a hero of music in his heart

Juan Almeida Bosque, Commander of the Cuban Revolution

Every February, from the dimension of life, Almeida penetrates the depths of a country that does not resist the charm of those who carry harmony in their souls.

Nobody forgets him here, because the Commander and singer of the Revolution is pure art and rebellion with the pen and the rifle.

To evoke the man who was born on February 17, 1927 is perpetual greatness, it is reverence to the fighter of the Moncada, the expeditionary of the Granma and officer of the Rebel Army that still travels the hills of the Third Eastern Front.

The Cuban capital lives the intact pride of Almeida’s birth, a man of the people, whose human sensitivity and spirit of resistance bordered on delirium, a man who was not afraid of hard work to help his people.

Neither grades nor positions transformed the immense warrior who came into the world with the gift of music to compose more than 300 lyrics and write a dozen books that narrate the imprint of a country.

Juan Almeida, the symbol

Alegría de Pío venerates the phrase that held high the revolutionary ideal, the unwavering ideal of never giving up.

The Revolution is happy to have heroes with music in their hearts and words to preserve and transmit the struggles, efforts and dreams. The Centennial Generation is also satisfied to have in its ranks a soldier who from a young age was interested in the destiny of the country.

Neither Fidel nor anyone else could make the intrepid 26-year-old desist from the hope of a free Cuba, from having the great opportunity to vindicate those who, like him, suffered discrimination because of the color of their skin.

Almeida is a symbol of intransigence who did not express in public trial his repentance in the events of July 26th, who declared under oath his participation in the assault to the Moncada Barracks.

The “Comandante música”, as Fidel baptized him, is a historical inspiration, palpable in song and lyrics, which his people thank and admire with affection and respect, because his charm endures in the history of a country.

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