Love, the magic of life

Love, the magic of life

Life needs its magic, that magic that every February inspires us to the verse, the flower, and the detail, because a life without love is not life, it means nothing.

And it is that elf with invisible keys, that wraps us in different ways, should not be only rapture every February 14, because life would cease to be a downpour of emotions, beautiful surprises, trips without returns.

It is that intense feeling of the human being that wanders with us, which causes us to jump in the stomach or a trembling knee, moisture in the eyes, an unthinkable nonsense … the most intense heartbeat.

Difficult and rebellious, love, without a doubt, maintains the style of throwing arrows at us, of trapping us in the distance, of making us short of time and of plunging us into the best of embraces.

It doesn’t matter if we deny it because of the past failure; it doesn’t matter if we close a door, because love will always arrive wrapped in happiness to remember not only the complicit kiss, but also the sadness for the farewell in the sun of the family, the joy for the small hand that caresses the face.

To bring to the memory every February 14th, the homage loaded with petals and gifts to later make it mist and twilight, breaks with that magic, trampling that breaker of routines and creator of the deepest passions.

Let’s never try to scare it away, because life definitely needs its magic.

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