Trust in love

Trust in love

The 14th of February is coming and there is no better occasion to express the trust that love inspires. That feeling is palpable in the smile of children, when they reflect the tender innocence in complicity with their parents; in the prayer of a mother who fights on her knees for her children’s struggles.

I trust in the love that is spring, when you listen attentively to the chirping of birds when you observe with delight the wild flower or the garden that harmonizes with the blue of the sky and a radiant sun.

I trust in love, when you enjoy seeing in a park or in the street, the outstretched hand of an infant holding its parent, when you celebrate the triumph of a friend or colleague and feel it as your own, when you notice the good, the deep, the loyalty and sincerity in your fellow men.

I trust in the love of those who choose to love without differences or limits, when a friend confesses to you that she truly loves, that she conquered a great goal and that there are still other dreams to be bigger at heart.

I trust in the love that awakens worrying about the health of the one who shares living spaces and work environment, of the one to whom you tie yourself strongly without asking for anything in return.

I trust in the love of the one who loves his homeland with a desire for transformation, of the one who brings a smile from the soul despite difficult times, of the one who brings us good feelings with absolute transparency.

I trust in the love that does not give room for fear or doubts, making its way to color life with good feelings and peace, waiting for a February 14 with flowers, gifts, poetry, outings and lots of illusion.

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