Ana Betancourt, first voice for women’s emancipation

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Of mambises lineage and hardened heart is Ana Betancourt of Creole blood, a Camagüeyan who had no other illusion in her life than to know that she was free with her own people. To Ana Betancourt belongs the merit of being the first Cuban woman to raise her voice for the emancipation of women, the first to be ready and decided to face prison, even death if necessary.

It is this woman, cultured and virtuous, who made herself master of the manigua to banish from the entrails of Cuba, her homeland, the oppressive slaver, sowing values as she went through life.

Her example as a fighter, transcends in the mambises rebelliousness that she made incarnated in the daughter of the Homeland, who could not return to Cuba at the time of her death, but she was able to remain in the memory of those who never never distanced her.

She is Ana Betancourt, the loudest voice of the Cuban women to demand rights, respect and feelings of love for women ignored by the yoke of the Spanish colony.

The fire of liberty treasures the unwavering courage of this emancipating emancipator who unleashed wings to destroy slavery on the road to a future of good.

Ahead of her time, Ana Betancourt is the inspiration of her native Camagüey and her Cuba, where poets and narrators remember this exceptional woman who exceptional woman that in the altars of the Homeland is placed as the first one, whose aroma of independence brought smiles and colors to the female universe of the nation that is grateful for the ideals and the speech of the distinguished lady.

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