Satisfactory Diploma course in Public and Business Management in Contramaestre

Culmination of the diploma course in Public and Business Administration in Contramaestre

In a context in which there is a need for leaders with high levels of leadership and executive capacity to face objective and subjective difficulties, the first diploma course in Public and Business Administration Management organized by the Municipal University Center culminated in Contramaestre.

In the presence of the president of the local government, Dr. Manuel Rodríguez Alfaro and the Mayor, Master Tanya Pérez Saumell, awards were given to the most outstanding students and the most comprehensive graduate. Nathalí Duarte Alarcón thanked for the quality of the course and called to put into practice the knowledge acquired.

Organizations, entities and professors were recognized for their contribution to the development of the study program. In her closing remarks, Master Bárbara Donet Olivera, Director of the University Center in Contramaestre, ratified the commitment to continue supporting the improvement of the cadres, and she also congratulated the graduates.

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