Contramaestre’s pharmacists celebrate their day

Contramaestre's pharmacists celebrate their day

Every November 22nd, and since 2000, Cuba celebrates the Pharmacist’s Day, in remembrance of the birth of Antonio Guiteras Holmes, who dedicated his efforts to the development of pharmacy in Cuba.

A graduate of the University of Havana and pride of our homeland, he was also an outstanding popular fighter who organized the armed insurrection of April 29, 1933, and in 1934 was part of the Government of the 100 Days, which took energetic and radical measures of popular and anti-imperialist character, among them, the implementation of the 8-hour working day, the distribution of land to peasants and the intervention of the Electric Company. Guiteras Holmes is an example and inspiration for the pharmaceutical sector.

Pharmacists in Contramaestre, in eastern Cuba, celebrate their day with the immense challenge of continuing the training and improvement of personnel, improving working conditions, increasing the manufacture of natural products and maintaining control and supervision in order to prevent illegalities, even when shortages and low coverage of medicines are increasing, and difficulties in the importation of finished products, raw materials and supplies, aggravated by the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States.

Faced with the current challenges of Contramaestre’s Public Health, the pharmacy network plays a fundamental role in the sustainability of the system from all areas of action, in order to make an integrated contribution to the basic health team.

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