Rolando Ayub: Maffo’s historic legend

Rolando Ayub: Maffo's historic legend

There are men who never fell because they were born for glory, to rise up and stand on the rise up and stand on the pedestal of their homeland, in the memory of the Maffo that saw his birth.

Rolando Ayub Elías, is one of those sons of the that the circumstances could not stop him, he is one of those heroes, different heroes turned legend, who was not born to die being the same as the rest. the same as the rest.

As a man of flesh and blood, his prominence will never be ignored. will never be ignored, because as a symbol he is and will be eternal; because his greatness is an icon that after greatness is an icon that transcends time and life.

Willing to do good, from an early age, he always had the impetus to act, to follow his own path for the freedom of his fellow men, to raise his arms to wield his rifle for the most just and humane cause.
humane cause.

El Morito, as he was known, was one of those young insurrectionists who paid special attention to his revolutionary bora; who looked far ahead to value the will to enlarge and enrich his country brothers.

The rebel mountains of the Third Eastern Front under the orders of Almeida embraced the solidity of his principles and the intrepid action of this Maffo’s son, whose death is not true because he knew how to fulfill well the work of life.

The land where he was born, the scene of the National Liberation War, said goodbye in National Liberation War, bid farewell on the morning of November 13, 1958 to Rolando Ayub Rolando Ayub Elías, whose thirst for definitive freedom was cut short by tyranny.

To that man, son of Maffo who rises in the most sublime hour of the Homeland: Eternal Glory!

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